Sunday, 29 May 2011

Transfer Update - Mathieu Valbuena, + Vela & Bartley

Not much transfer news going around at the moment...

Right now, Mathieu Valbuena is the biggest name being linked with Arsenal (that I've not already covered). TalkSPORT (yeah, I know), among a couple of even less credible sources, link us with the 25-year-old midfielder. I'm also told that the French media seem to agree with the rumour, also claiming that we're interested in the diminutive midfielder. He's had a decent couple of seasons for Marseille, and I remember him scoring a screamer against Liverpool one or two years ago in the Champions League. He also scored against England recently, so we know what he can do.

Apparently he'd be replacing Arshavin or Rosicky. Seeing as Arshavin is pretty much nailed on as staying (as I said here) I'd think he would be more likely to replace Rosicky. I've heard that they're similar players, obviously with Valbuena having the edge thanks to his age and a couple of other factors. I think he's definitely a player on Wenger's radar. Whether he makes a move for the France international, I don't know. But I think he'd be a useful addition to our squad. 

Rosicky has really gone off the boil this year. Just a couple of assists, one goal and a missed penalty to boot - after a seemingly promising start to the season, he's lost all form and has struggled to regain it. It looks almost certain that he's leaving.

According to MedioTiempo we have not let Carlos Vela go to this summer's Copa America. It seems that Arsene is willing to give Vela another chance to impress this year, after a fairly disappointing loan spell with West Brom. I'm pleased about this news; it'll give Vela a good pre-season with us, and I think he can push on for a starting place. Him getting the number eleven shirt last year was perhaps indicative of his inclusion in Arsene's long term plans, and I think he could play a more vital role for us this season.

Finally, the excellent 'Les Rosbifs' website is the latest to accomodate my ramblings. The editor, Gav, was kind enough to publish my review of Kyle Bartley's loan spell at Rangers. Les Rosbifs is a site dedicated to English players/managers plying their trade abroad, just like Bartley did from February to May. You can read my article here.


  1. Valbuena? He looks a decent player but he's about 3 ft tall so will make Arsenal look even more ridiculous when they line up against Stoke.

  2. Hahahahahahahaha! Smurfs.

  3. @Anonymous Barcelona provided the perfect example that height isn't necessary to attacking midfielders last night. Xavi and Iniesta are probably similar heights to Valbuena, but they managed to keep the ball on the floor, so they didn't have any problems. The fact that we'd look ridiculous doesn't really relate to our performance on the pitch surely?

    @Anonymous Not sure I follow?

  4. You can't buy Valbuena - I bought a Marseille shirt with his name on the back.

  5. @Robyn Ha! You could always get an Arsenal shirt, peel off the "VALBUENA" and glue the letters on?

  6. Hell naw. I had to iron that shirt several times to get the creases out of the number on the back. Believe it or not I already have 2 Arsenal shirts anyway :)

  7. @Robyn Who doesn't hate ironing? I don't believe you! What years/names?

  8. OH LOL I actually have 3. Memory fail.

    08/09 Home with Fabregas
    09/10 away (think it was 10/11 3rd kit as well) with RVP
    and 10/11 home with Nasri

  9. @Robyn I have all those - Wilshere, Walcott and van Persie. Not bad overall. People laughed when I got Wilshere on the back...