Friday, 20 May 2011

Ricky Alvarez & Denilson

Two major stories for me to cover today, both involving transfers. Huzzah, I hear you say!

And most people have been happy about both of them. The first story to break today involved Denilson, who has revealed he wishes to leave Arsenal. He claims to have decided roughly eight months ago that he wants to quit - I'm not going to reel off all the quotes, as you can find them in the link above.

Really, I think that if he was a winner, he'd stay and fight for his place in the team, instead of quitting when the going got tough, which is what he's doing. And on the basis of that, I deem him a quitter, not a winner as he claims. Furthermore, if you're a winner, you chase players back when we have few players back when being hit on the counter, especially against Manchester United!

To be fair to him he's put in some decent performances and I feel he's had some over-the-top criticism, as well as being made a scapegoat for the club's failings. He does give us a good long range shot but he has had some poor games for the club recently. I wrote an article about how he's become the forgotten man at Arsenal a month or so ago (wasn't published) and it becomes clear why - he's just not wanted to be here, and if that's his attitude, then good riddance to him.

That seems to have shown in his performances; this has been a much worse season for him than in previous years. Perhaps, instead of his footballing incompetence, it was because he didn't want to be here. He says he hasn't caused any disruption off the pitch by asking to leave (until now) but his below-par performances have caused some disruption.

It looks like he'll be off to Spain - I can't claim to have any sources but my instinct tells me he'll be at Sevilla next year. Based on that, put your entire life savings on him signing an 8-year contract with us tomorrow. Seriously though, he's had some good games and scored some great goals. He had a lot of potential so I'm a little sad it's not worked out, and I wish him all the best.

After that story had come out, the "news" filtered through that we had reportedly signed Ricky Alvarez from Velez Arfield in Argentina. After further investigation, it seems that Alvarez is a 22 year old attacking midfielder/winger who has really had a break through season this year. Those that I know who are into Argentinean football have spoken glowingly of him, which can only be good - the supposed transfer of Alvarez was described as a "coup" for us by one person.

It appears that we've signed him on a "pre-contract", so it would be free. Having watched a little of him on YouTube, he seems a decent player, but obviously so would Susan Boyle with some fairly clever editing of clips, so it's difficult to judge just from YouTube. Still, the clips looked fairly promising, and hopefully he'll bring something to the club if he does sign.

The news had no internet source - apparently Fox News reported it on their television channel. However, those that reported it on Twitter are very reliable, so I believe them. If Alvarez does join, I look forward to seeing him in an Arsenal shirt. Remember; Javier Hernandez was barely known when he joined Manchester United!

That's all for today, more later in the weekend. Hope you all have a terrific one.


  1. I couldve sworn the guy was 23? Yeah good luck to Denilson, but im wondering with Ryo in Holand and all our current wingers/CAM woould he be significant? Myabe if Cesc does leave, I hope he doesnt, he can fill Nasri role? While Nasri fills cesc's boots. Lansbury is looking good too. Our future is still bright!

  2. the more the merrier!!!

  3. watch Ricardo Alvarez on youtube!!
    if you want to see him play (live) you should see some Velez Sarsfield games...
    next Velez game is on Sunday at 4pm (argentine hour)

  4. gbenga obaduyi21 May 2011 at 04:37

    if he is a good player,then its a good buy

  5. It is good to have an argentinain in a club like arsenal

  6. It is a good news to knw dat one has been sign bt my prob is when ill nasri renew his contract?

  7. hvnt seen him play b4 but gud news to d gunners


  9. @AnonymousYou are correct! Thanks. We barely have any natural wingers - Nasri and Arshavin can play there but are probably more comfortable in central positions. As for Bendtner and Walcott, most certainly strikers. So I think we need some new wingers.

  10. @Anonymous Thanks for the link, have put it in my latest post.