Sunday, 15 May 2011

Pat Rice stays & other things

So, the big news today is that Pat Rice is staying for another year.

The Mail have the quotes from Arsene: 'Pat Rice has told me he will continue for one more year,' Wenger said on Sunday. 'It's important for me because he knows how I work and we have a good understanding and complement each other. The day he stops will be a massive loss to this club.'

Many people have blamed Pat for some of our failings this season, labelling him a "yes-man" but I don't think you can judge how good an assistant manager he is just by watching the game. People seem to be searching for someone to blame, and they just want change of any kind so would like to see a new assistant manager.

What they seem to be forgetting is that Rice also coached the Invincibles and our double-winning sides in recent years, so it works both ways. Also in that report in the Mail was the admission that Arsene will be given £30 million to spend in the summer. They reckon he might think about selling Cesc or Nasri so he had more money to make the surgery required.

The only situation I can see one of those players leaving is if Nasri refuses to sign a new contract. What would be the point in selling arguably our best two players? That would be two steps backwards already, regardless of who we signed. Wenger's got a great history in the transfer market, I'm sure he can pick up some bargains. For example, Hernandez has been absolutely incredible, and barely anyone had heard of him. 

If we have £30 million, that's four players for an average of £7 million each. I'm sure Arsene, with his huge scouting network and knowledge of players, can find four players for that kind of money to improve the squad. Hernandez was £6.5 million, which just goes to show there's always a bargain signing ready to be made.

And anyway, there will surely be some other players leaving - Rosicky, Almunia and Denilson are certainly headed out of the door. I think we'd get a maximum of £12 million from those three, and one of Chamakh and Bendtner may be heading out of the exit door as well. That would free up more money for quality players.

Also, the infamous Black Scarf Movement are walking in London in protest over several things before the game today. They've got a bit of a bad press, and had some quotes taken out of context. Overall they actually make some very good points. I won't be joining them on the walk, but it'll be interesting to see how it pans out.

Finally, some more first team squad news. Conor Henderson is in the squad, as is Ignasi Miquel. The exclusive was once more brought to you by Young Guns. As much as it'll be good for them to get some experience, it's not as if this game doesn't mean anything. We may well get beaten to 3rd place by Man City, and we can't afford to let that happen. We need to secure that automatic qualification for the Champions League.

And that's about all for today, thoughts on the game will follow tomorrow I should think. Also, thanks to for sourcing my posts - hit 3,000, 4,000 and 5,000 views yesterday! Wonder what I'll be at by the time I arrive home... until then.


  1. arsena hope is finished coz of rice still is there we need change..

  2. we need change in our squad..we wnt action.nt preachng.i reali hpe we win a trophy nxt season.