Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Dennis Bergkamp: a tribute

Today marks the birth of an Arsenal legend: Dennis Bergkamp.

I called upon my Twitter followers to send in their tributes to the great man, and they came flooding in. Here they are, every single one.

@Thegoodwillout: the most beautiful footballer i have ever watched. Happy Birthday ice man 10. I want the DB10 times back again

@TomRichardson19: Happy Birthday DB! I went to his Testimonial at the Emirates and got the DB10 t-shirt :)  
No matter what anyone says, the best DB moment, the goal against Newcastle.

@Tom91Gunner: Happy birthday Dennis,Thanks for everything you done for the club , A class act on and off the pitch. A legend. 
Remember Dennis Bergkamp day at Highbury , scrored a great goal vs WBA. Legend 

@GoonerKal: the best there was, the best there is, the best there ever will be ---> DB10

@Jconnell1988: happy birthday dennis you are a legend and its ace because its my birthday today aswell haha. (Happy Birthday to you too!)

@tinythegooner: happy birthday Dennis.....the best player to wear the red n white,,,,my hero .....a true legend!!ps come back as coach pls
one of my favourite bergkamp moments wasnt even in arsenal shirt. his last minute goal in world cup against argentina.CLASS 

@DBCloggy: Everything about Bergkamp was class. Touch, vision, movement, awareness. God, I miss him! So many great moments. But my favourite from games i've seen was the Leicester hat-trick. Summed him up. 

@gsgooner75: Happy birthday DB10. True Legend, True Hero, irreplaceable. Arsenal through & through 

@richardmiah1971: says everything you need to know about DB10,every gooner wishes he was back.simply the best.happy birthday den.LEGEND

@Goonerforlife52: Happy Birthday to Dennis Bergkamp Arsenal legend and scorer of the best goal football has ever seen.

@Hendo_IRL: Dennis Bergkamp. The only player to have a set of eyes on the 4 sides of his head. An absolute wizard.

@EmmineffinNBG: after Bolton game to qualify for Europe, he leaned out of dressing room window and our eyes met. Magic moment.

@ArseGunn: how about: don't be afraid of flying, just come back and be our Flying Dutchman of a manager?

@jonnyth14: Club legend, best player I've ever seen put on an Arsenal shirt!!!

@Tilley_96: happy birthday Dennis. Figurehead of arsenal in his time. We need him back in his prime!

@JP_the_gooner: bergkamp is a legend 1st ever arsenal match i went to was DB day and it was amazing and we won to top it off what a player

@robjh15: If there's one player I'm gutted about only seeing just the once, it's Bergkamp.. he just played with elegance & swagger!

@SettsEl: When DB left Inter, Moratti said that we'll be "lucky if he scores 10 goals this season" DB gave us more than just goals...

And that is what the Arsenal fans have had to say about Dennis Bergkamp, who is 42 today. A true club legend, and I was privileged to run out on the pitch at his testimonial and wave a flag with other JGs. Never forget that day. Sadly, as I leaned forward to get a high five from the man himself in the tunnel, some fat lady pushed me out of the way. Hmph.

So, which is your favourite tribute or Bergkamp memory? And what is your tribute to Dennis Bergkamp?


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