Monday, 4 April 2011

Why I think Arsene should stay - as seen on YAMA

"As a teenager, I’ve only ever known Arsenal under the management of Arsene Wenger. I’ve been an Arsenal ‘fan’ all my life, but I became a real ‘supporter’ during our final season at Highbury, when I began going to more and more games. As such, I haven’t truly experienced the glory and emotion of seeing my team winning silverware – when we won our last trophy in 2005, I was playing for my 7-a-side team, and missed most of the game. These days I would never miss an occasion like that – in fact, I went to our most recent cup final. Back then, I didn’t have the same emotional connection and attachment to the Arsenal as I do now."

See the rest of the article here. Thanks to the editor of YouAreMyArsenal for publishing it.


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