Saturday, 16 April 2011

Injured trio back, Vermaelen progressing

It's not often we get good news on the injury front, so let's savour this moment.

Ahhhh. That's nice.

Sorry? Oh right, the news! 

Well you probably already know; three crucial players in Wojciech Szczesny, Johan Djourou and Alex Song are set to return to action in the vital match against Liverpool. It's a massive boost to us, and it'll really give us a helping hand in our efforts to gain another three points at the Emirates. The last time we won there in the league was against Stoke I believe, and that was too long ago.

I'd expect the returning players to slot straight back into the starting line-up, what with cover in those positions being particularly scare in this moment in time. Seeing as our alternatives would be Lehmann, Squillaci and an admittedly improving Diaby, I'd be surprised if Arsene didn't opt to slot Szczesny, Djourou and Song back into the side.

It has to be said, they've been three of our best performers this year. It's strange - last season we had a few players who had great seasons, and the team played really well. This season, we've had loads of great seasons from players, but less success overall.

Perhaps the reason is the players haven't actually been performing as well as we think. Maybe players like Szczesny, Djourou, Wilshere and Nasri all seem to be playing exceptionally well, when in reality what's changed is they've improved hugely from their previous seasons. Don't get me wrong, they've all done really well, but I don't think we've had anyone on the level that Cesc was on last season. 

Anyway, on with things. Thomas Vermaelen is back in full training and is making good progress. Apparently he may play before the end of the season, but I think it would be silly to play him in a match with a lot at stake. What he needs is a proper pre-season to get him back into the swing of things. It's excellent that he's recovering, but rushing him back was exactly how he exacerbated his injury. There's no need to do the same again, especially with Djourou and Koscielny being a fine partnership.

There's also a picture of the apparent away kit for next season on Here it is in all its... well, glory's not really the word...


Most people aren't keen on it. Some really hate it, some just dislike it. I'm not sure about it, I'd probably need to see some of the players lining up in it to make a proper verdict. The badge is nice, I like the "FORWARD" on the wreath, although it might be a little over the top. As I said it's quite difficult to judge without seeing the guys playing in it so I'll reserve proper comment until then. Who knows, it may not even be the real kit! But it seems likely.

Anyway, more will probably follow on here before the Liverpool game - more team news when it comes through maybe. We're still unsure of whether Sagna will be available, but Rosicky is ruled out for sure. Until then. 


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